latent potentials (2009)

Most of these photos are images from the performance of my scorestream (networked score) Polyphonic Embrace, being peformed by Mark Dresser and Edwin Harkins at UCSD and Nathan Hubbard and Dhiren Panikker at UCI, with telematic video by John Crawford. Info on the whole program is below.

Program text

Latent Potentials
Sunday, December 13, 8:00 pm
Winifred Smith Hall, Claire Trevor School of the Arts, University of California Irvine

This concert premieres new works that explore the artistic potentials of networking technologies, with performers in San Diego and Irvine, CA, linked through low-latency, CD-quality audio and high-definition video. Each of the four works on this evening’s program takes a different approach to the telematic stage and the questions it raises: aesthetic, philosophical and technical. Information on each piece will be presented during the concert by the composers.

Works and Performers:

Tautology for Two
Composer: Christopher Dobrian
Performers: Edwin Harkins, trumpet and Trevor Henthorn, computer (SD); Michael Dessen, trombone and
Christopher Dobrian, computer (IRV)
Telematic video mix: John Crawford (IRV)
Camera: Shannon Cuykendall (IRV)
Camera: Ash Smith (SD)

Bits and Spaces
Music composition and performance: Shahrokh Yadegari, Lila (SD); Michael Dessen, trombone (IRV)
Dance: Alicia Peterson Baskel and Rebecca Salzer (SD)
Telematic video mix: John Crawford (IRV)
Camera: Shannon Cuykendall (IRV)
Camera: Ash Smith (SD)

Echo Chamber
Music and video: Christopher Dobrian (IRV), computer
Video support: John Crawford (IRV)

Polyphonic Embrace
Composer: Michael Dessen
Musicians: Mark Dresser, bass and Edwin Harkins, trumpet (SD); Nathan Hubbard, percussion and Dhiren
Panikker, piano (IRV)
Telematic video mix: John Crawford (IRV)
Camera: Shannon Cuykendall (IRV)
Camera: Ash Smith (SD)

Production staff:

@ UC Irvine:
Artistic and Production Directors: Christopher Dobrian, Michael Dessen, John Crawford
Network Audio: Martin Jaroszewicz
Audio Engineer: Tim Brown
Video Assistant: Shannon Cuykendall
Lighting Design: Lonnie Alcaraz, Jeromy Rutter

@ UC San Diego:
Production Directors and Network Audio: Trevor Henthorn and Shahrokh Yadegari
Camera operator: Ash Smith
Lighting design and network video: Omar Ramos
This event is a presentation of the 2009 Digital Art and Culture Conference at UC Irvine and is
supported by the Intel/UC Irvine People and Practices Research Initiative (PAPR), the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (Calit2), the Center for Research in Computing and the Arts (CRCA), the Gassmann Electronic Music Series, and the Embodied Media and Performance Technology Lab (EmptLab).

Many thanks to: Simon Penny, Qian Liu, Larry Smarr, Todd Margolis, Adalid Aguilar, Carmen Hernandez, Ross Whitney, Paul Dourish, Sarah Ormsby, Toby Weiner, Chris Battista, Lonnie Alcaraz, Tad Reynales, Brian Dunne, G.P. Li, Sheldon Brown, Anna Lynn Spitzer, Ramesh Rao, Juliana Wissa, and the Music Departments at UC San Diego and UC Irvine.