Telematic Bridges, Colombia-USA

In August, I was privileged to co-teach a one-week telematic music class with high-school age musicians in California and Colombia. Here at UCI, I was with a group of students from Santa Ana High School, and in Manizales, Colombia, my colleagues at the University of Caldas led a group from the Centro Batuta. We introduced the students to music technology basics and also worked with them on improvising, conduction, creating soundscapes and playing together telematically. I look forward to expanding on this idea in future classes – we learned a lot! Many thanks to all the wonderful students, and to my collaborators Juan David Rubio, Mario Valencia and Tata Ceballos as well as special guest instructors Augustín Castro and Stephanie Richards. (Pictured is one of the students in CA leading a conduction with the local CA group, in duo with the same happening in Colombia as shown on screen behind him.)