Puentes Telemáticos / Telematic Bridges 2018

I’m excited to co-lead the Telematic Bridges course for the second year this coming August. We’ll be working in our studios at UCI with high school students from Santa Ana High School, connecting them telematically with similar age students in Manizales, Colombia. It’s inspiring for me to see what they will do in the telematic space and to expose them to new forms of music, including telematics and sound editing, as well facilitate dialogues among the two groups of students. You can watch the video trailer for last year’s course on our Zotfunder page, where we just started a campaign to raise funds to cover the program costs. Please consider making a tax-deductible contribution and helping us to spread the word! [Pictured here is Cristobal, a student in last year’s course, leading the CA group in a 2-site telematic conduction, after learning conduction techniques in a great workshop by guest Stephanie Richards.]