Networked Music Performance Resources

I use this page to collect the articles, videos and help docs I’ve made about networked music making. (For information on the artistic projects I’ve been involved with, please see my Telematics page.)

Suggestion for getting started: SonoBus

If you are new to this and looking for a user-friendly app to play music with people via the internet in small groups with the lowest possible latency, I recommend SonoBus. It’s an excellent new app that just came out in Oct. 2020. You should use it on an ethernet (wired) connection, not wifi, and with an external audio interface and mic, not the mic/computers built into your computer. There are some settings you can adjust if it doesn’t immediately work well, and you can get help using the links under Support at the bottom of their webpage.

An introductory article for musicians and educators

In September 2020, I shared a new article that brings together many conversations I’ve had over the first six months of the pandemic, called Networked music performance: An introduction for musicians and educators. There’s also a shorter version in a guest blog post for It covers the main practical considerations of playing music with people via internet, and ends with some broader ideas on how to use networks for teaching and social transformation.

A sprawling technical googledoc

Notes on Telematic Music Production including some tech notes and links, and production suggestions for large-scale telematic concerts. It’s not the best starting point so if you’re new, I suggest the article/post above for an overview, and the first doc below for a quick way to try out an app.

Shorter help docs on specific topics

A short series of introductory videos

Intro to Networked Performance @ Home is a short video series I made at the start of the pandemic in April 2020. They feature some FAQs, audio examples of duo playing 70 miles apart, a quick screencast to show basic JackTrip usage, and a short video about latency at longer distances.

Part 1: Synchronous music on home networks @ 70 miles
Part 2: Bandwidth and tech overview
Part 3: Screencast of basic JackTrip connection
Part 4: Duo performance example with score
Part 5: Playing music at longer distances

JackTrip Basics videos

These are two 2013 videos on using JackTrip on macOS. The install instructions are no longer current, but I am leaving them online because the basic principles for multi-channel and multi-site connections (shown in part 2) still apply. For help with installation and more recent features and versions, please see the video series created by as Jan Stoltenberg (Mac) and Synthia Payne (Windows) and the help resources at

Jacktrip Basics Part 1: Installation and 2-site connection
JackTrip Basics Part 2: Routing, multi-channel and multi-site connections