Telematics, Korea-CA (2016)

After more than a year of planning, it was fantastic to finally perform this telematic concert with our friends in Korea, for the first of three concerts in “Changing Tides: A Telematic Translocational Concert Series,” which I am co-directing with Mark Dresser. In addition to Mark and myself, the quartet in San Diego included Myra Melford and Nicole Mitchell, and performing with us from Ansan, Korea at the Seoul Institute of the Arts were pansori singer Bae Il Dong, daegum player Kim Young Dong, and gayageum player Lee Jungpyo. The concert also included work by visual artists Brian Cross, Kim Bo Sul, Jesse Ricke and others. I composed a new work for this concert, along with compositions by Mark, Nicole, Young Dong and Jungpyo. Many thanks to Trevor Henthorn, Tay Yoo, Jun Oh, Kim Bo Sul, the incredible tech crews at both sites!