Telematic concerts, CA-NY and CA-Korea

I recently had the privilege to co-direct two telematic concerts from the black box theatre at UC San Diego, with wonderful collaborators in New York and Korea. On Feb. 2nd, we performed with Fay Victor, Ingrid Laubrock, and Patricia Brennan at Roulette in NYC, with Mark Dresser, Gerald Cleaver, Joshua White and myself performing from UCSD. Fay, Ingrid, Mark and I all contributed compositions. On Feb. 4th, the same group plus Wilfrido Terrazas performed at UCSD along with Jean Oh, Aram Lee, Ju Hee Go, JoonSu Kim, and Donghyeok Kwak performing from Korea, and the concert was also projected into the metaverse. Wilfrido, Jean, Aram, Mark and myself all composed pieces for that event, and Mark Dresser and I co-directed the San Diego site, with scenic design by Victoria Petrovich. It was such a joy to make new music with all these incredible artists as well as great production teams at each site. A couple photos and the posters are below, and I’ll post audio/video documentation soon for both concerts.