I’m very grateful for a rare chance to spend three weeks in Bogotá, Colombia this September, thanks to a residency supported US Fulbright Specialist Program and the Jazz emphasis in the Faculty of Arts at Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. The wonderful bassist-composer-improviser Santiago Botero helped set all this up, and at La Javeriana I’m teaching and performing with a jazz combo, doing workshops/presentations on telematic music, giving a public lecture on their yearly jazz festival, and meeting with individual students. Outside the university, we’ve also put together a fantastic collective group to develop some music and perform three concerts. The sextet is called “Cosa Bien Tejida” and in addition to myself and Santiago also includes Juanita Delgado, Juan Ignacio Arbaiza, Kike Mendoza and Mauricio Ramirez. These musicians are super creative and it’s a joy to learn from and collaborate with them!