Panel, en español

It was a pleasure to join flutist Wilfrido Terrazas, cultural producer Magali Palomar, and bassist Amanda Irarrazabal for an online discussion to celebrate the release of Wilfrido’s CD “Be Prepared.” It was hosted by Lupino Caballero and Multifónico. They were kind enough to put up with my grammar errors in Spanish, and we had an … Read more

Virtual Concert Hall trio concert

I recently enjoyed playing a telematic trio concert with my longtime telematic collaborators Mark Dresser and Matthias Ziegler, along with excellent video scenography and streaming by Joel de Giovanni and additional production by Johannes Schütt and Patrick Müller. This was sponsored by the University of Arts, Zurich on their Virtual Concert Hall series and everyone … Read more

NPR video on networked music performance

I appear briefly in a video by NPR’s “Jazz Night in America” called “Playing Music Together Online Is Not As Simple As It Seems,” and they did a great job of explaining the issues a lot musicians are facing now. They focused their story on the challenges of playing together in tight synchrony, which is … Read more

Pulitzer for Central Park 5!

I’m thrilled that my teacher, Anthony Davis, received the Pulitzer Prize for his opera The Central Park Five! I performed on the premieres last summer and wrote a post here about how powerful a work it was, as well as how Anthony had changed my understanding of Duke Ellington’s music and so much more when … Read more

Podcast interview on The Checkout

I recently enjoyed a conversation about networked music performance with Simon Rentner for his WBGO podcast, The Checkout. I appreciate him posting the whole conversation since it’s rare to get a chance to talk about this topic in the media in so much detail. Simon wanted some background because he and WBGO are hosting a … Read more

Full concert video, Changing Tides II

The video of our 2020 telematic Changing Tides II concert between California and Korea is now on YouTube. The playlist has all 6 compositions, with a total duration of about an hour. I am so grateful to our many wonderful collaborators on this project, in both Seoul and San Diego! (Full credits in the notes … Read more

Music, networks and the pandemic

Just after sharing my last news update in early March, the coronavirus pandemic quickly escalated here in the US, including extreme but necessary social isolation measures. This picture is “artisanal toilet paper” that my creative wife made from slicing a paper towel roll in 3 – a bit rough around the edges but functional. (It … Read more