Puentes Telemáticos / Telematic Bridges

Along with several collaborators, I co-direct this program that links Santa Ana High School students in California with Colombian peers, introducing the students to creative music making and exploring together the pedagogical and intercultural potentials of telepresent collaboration. We began this summer course in 2017 and plan to continue developing and expanding it in the years to come. The mini-documentary video shown here gives an overview, and other videos about the project include an earlier one from 2017 and a showcase livestream event (mostly in Spanish) for the 2021 course, hosted by RENATA.

UC Irvine and academics

I am fortunate to work at a wonderful public research university, the University of California, Irvine, where I am a Professor in the Department of Music in the Claire Trevor School of the Arts.

One of my roles at UCI is being a core faculty member in our grad program in Integrated Composition, Improvisation and Technology” (ICIT), a program we first created as an MFA in 2008, and later changed to a PhD degree in 2016. The ICIT program “embraces diverse forms of music making, challenging conventional distinctions between classical composition, computer music, improvisation, and jazz.” Other core faculty include Christopher Dobrian, Kojiro Umezaki, Mari Kimura, and Rajna Swaminathan, and previous core faculty include Nicole Mitchell, Lukas Ligeti, Kei Akagi and Rae Linda Brown. If you are interested in applying to the ICIT PhD program, please start by reading the FAQ page on the ICIT site.

I am also a member of our department’s Jazz faculty, and I teach a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. I share many syllabi from my UCI courses on this website, because I have often benefited from seeing other people’s syllabi.

Beyond teaching, other roles I have held at UCI include Chair of the Music Department, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Studies for the School of the Arts, Graduate Advisor for the Music Department, and (currently) Director of the Gassmann Electronic Music Studios.

Supporting networked music performance

Before 2020, relatively few of us were active in the niche field of networked music performance, so during the first year of the pandemic, the work of teaching, supporting and testing these evolving technologies with colleagues near and far suddenly took over much of my professional life. Fortunately, there are now exponentially more people working in this field, and the tools have improved a lot, but I still keep a Networked Music Performance Resources page on this website to house the various videos and docs that I have created.