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  • June 18 and 19, 2022: Performer/improviser on Anthony Davis' opera Central Park Five, at Long Beach Opera

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Soundpath, by Muhal Richard Abrams

It’s hard to describe the wide-ranging creative impact of Muhal Richard Abrams (1930-2017), one of the co-founders of the AACM and someone who mentored many of my own teachers. Shortly before he passed, Muhal was commissioned to compose a new work, Soundpath, by the Philadelphia-based group led by Bobby Zankel, … Read more

Feed the Fire: A Cyber Symposium in Honor of Geri Allen

Geri Allen (1957-2017) inspired so many of us through her powerful music and presence, and her passing a few years was such a huge loss for the world. In this recent cyber-symposium, it was an honor to be included in a conversation about Geri’s telematic work with some of my … Read more

Intro to networked music performance

I’m excited to share a new article, Networked music performance: An introduction for musicians and educators, published in full on Medium.com and also in a shorter version as a guest blog post for SmartMusic.com. It covers the main practical considerations of playing music with people via internet, and ends with … Read more

The Stones Can Answer

I’m honored to be on this trio track (playing trombone/digibone) with the wonderfully creative improvisers G.E. Stinson (guitar/electronics) and Kaoru Mansour (voice/electronics/text), on a new album release (“35”) by various artists on Accretions Records to celebrate the label’s 35th anniversary! It was a pleasure making this collective track with them … Read more

Panel, en español

It was a pleasure to join flutist Wilfrido Terrazas, cultural producer Magali Palomar, and bassist Amanda Irarrazabal for an online discussion to celebrate the release of Wilfrido’s CD “Be Prepared.” It was hosted by Lupino Caballero and Multifónico. They were kind enough to put up with my grammar errors in … Read more

Virtual Concert Hall trio concert

I recently enjoyed playing a telematic trio concert with my longtime telematic collaborators Mark Dresser and Matthias Ziegler, along with excellent video scenography and streaming by Joel de Giovanni and additional production by Johannes Schütt and Patrick Müller. This was sponsored by the University of Arts, Zurich on their Virtual … Read more

Trio concert with Anthony Davis and Mark Dresser @ Arts for Art

I’m excited to perform a trio concert with two longtime friends/mentors, Mark Dresser and Anthony Davis, as part of the “Justice is Compassion On_Line Salon” series run by Arts for Art. The Arts for Art organization has been doing such important work for a long time, including the Vision Festival … Read more

NPR video on networked music performance

I appear briefly in a video by NPR’s “Jazz Night in America” called “Playing Music Together Online Is Not As Simple As It Seems,” and they did a great job of explaining the issues a lot musicians are facing now. They focused their story on the challenges of playing together … Read more

Pulitzer for Central Park 5!

I’m thrilled that my teacher, Anthony Davis, received the Pulitzer Prize for his opera The Central Park Five! I performed on the premieres last summer and wrote a post here about how powerful a work it was, as well as how Anthony had changed my understanding of Duke Ellington’s music … Read more

Podcast interview on The Checkout

I recently enjoyed a conversation about networked music performance with Simon Rentner for his WBGO podcast, The Checkout. I appreciate him posting the whole conversation since it’s rare to get a chance to talk about this topic in the media in so much detail. Simon wanted some background because he … Read more

New videos: Intro to networked music performance

In response to the recent surge of interest in how to play music with people via internet, I recently made a series of 5 intro videos on this topic, with examples of what is possible on home networks and an overview of what is required, focused specifically on the software … Read more