Fall 2019 news

In early November I had 3 performances in the San Francisco Bay area with a ton of inspiring musicians, including a quintet with Beth Schenck, Tim Perkis, Lisa Mezzacappa, Kjell Nordeson; an opportunity to guest with Phillip Greenlief’s PGLRG, which included many super creative improvisers playing PG’s map scores (one pictured here); and a solo set on a double bill with a trio of Gabby Fluke-Mogul, Lisa Mezzacappa and Bruce Ackley. I also went later in the month to western MA where I performed with Jason Robinson, Bob Weiner, and Wayne Smith on a wonderful house concert organized by longtime friends Glenn Siegel and Priscilla Page. It was great to connect with many old and new friends on these trips, and I’m also looking forward to a solo digibone set on WasteLAnd’s winter festival in LA in a couple weeks, and to a big telematic concert between San Diego and Seoul that we’re busily planning for mid-February.