Digibone Forest

Michael Dessen, trombone/computer/compositionAccretions, 2019Apple Music | Spotify | Bandcamp Sample track: The Usual Suspects: Sample track: Mensural Refractions: 1. The Usual Suspects2. Ginger Flanger3. Bonegaggle4. Crustard5. Limbo:Mafia6. What Will You Think Of Next7. Limbo:Neurosis8. Percolating Time9. Wiggliness Quotient10. Jackrabbits11. Mensural Refractions About this music As musicians like Tricky Sam Nanton long ago showed us, the trombone is very simple in … Read more

Solo digibone

Digibone is my live trombone and computer performance environment, an animistic world of live electronics where the viscoelastic qualities of the slide trombone invoke shifting digital sprites and topographies.  In addition to live processing/sampling and algorithmic composition, I use a custom-designed practice mute that isolates the electronically processed sounds, to turn the trombone into a kind of digital audio controller. … Read more