Telematics, Zurich-CA (2015)

We had another great telematic concert between UCSD and Zurich last week, working once again with musicians Matthias Ziegler and Gerry Hemingway as well as their excellent team of artist-technicians, including VJ Benjamin Burger, all based in Zurich. At UCSD, I was part of a quartet of Mark Dresser, Joshua White, and Stephanie Richards, along with filmaker Brian Cross, and we also had an amazing support team (with special thanks to Trevor Henthorn). This was part of the Filmatic Festival at UCSD, and we’re looking forward to pushing the visual dimension even further in more collaborations with many of these same people next year. Pictured above is Mark on stage next to a video projection mixing Gerry and Matthias, and on the screen above, filmic content from Brian Cross.