Composer-bandleader and solo albums

Digibone Forest, by Michael Dessen (Accretions 2019)
Somewhere in the upstream, by the Michael Dessen Trio (Clean Feed 2018)
Resonating Abstractions CD cover
Resonating Abstractions, by the Michael Dessen Trio (Clean Feed 2014)
Forget The Pixel CD cover
Forget The Pixel, by the Michael Dessen Trio (Clean Feed 2011)
Between Shadow And Space CD cover
Between Shadow And Space, by the Michael Dessen Trio (Clean Feed 2008)
Lineal, by Michael Dessen (Circumvention 2007)

Co-leader and collective albums

Virtual Tour: A Reduced Carbon Footprint Concert Series (DVD, pfMENTUM, 2016)
Eyes in the back of my head, by Cosmologic (Cuneiform Records, 2008)
III, by Cosmologic (Circumvention 2004)
Syntaxis, by Cosmologic (Circumvention, 2002)
Staring at the Sun, by Cosmologic (Circumvention, 2000)
Circadian Etudes, by the Assembly for Distance Alchemy (Infrequent Seams, 2022)

Sideperson albums (selected)

Fantasia for Flute, by Yusef Lateef (YAL, 1996)
Ain’t nothing but a cyber-coup and you, by the Mark Dresser Seven (Clean Feed 2019)
Glorious Ravage, by Lisa Mezzacappa (New World Records, 2017)
A Trumpet In The Morning, by Marty Ehrlich (New World Records, 2013)
Belladonna, by Daniel Lanois (2005)
Tania, by Anthony Davis (Koch 2001)
Soundpath, (comp. Muhal Richard Abrams), by the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound
Resonant Geographies, by Jason Robinson (pfMENTUM, 2018)
Furiously Dreaming, by Nathan Hubbard / Skeleton Key Orchestra (Orenda Records, 2016)
Sedimental You, by the Mark Dresser Seven (Clean Feed Records, 2016)
Nourishments, by the Mark Dresser Quintet (Clean Feed, 2013)
Encinitas and Everything After, vol. 4, by Nathan Hubbard (Castor & Pollux Music, 2014)
35, by various artists (Accretions, 2020)
Fingerprint, by Jason Robinson (Circumvention 2007)
Passages, by Didier Petit and Alexandre Pierrepont (Rogue Art, 2012)
Intruso Armónico, by Estados Alterados (2014)
132350, by The Jeff Kaiser Ockodektet (pfMENTUM, 2021)
Entangled, by Kronomorfic (2014)
Skeleton Key Orchestra, by Nathan Hubbard (Circumvention, 2003)
Hybrid Vigor, by Marcos Fernandes (Accretions, 2002)
Dear Annex, by Marcelo Radulovich (Titicacaman Records, 2010)
Tandem, by Jason Robinson (Accretions, 2002)
Hello, by Marcelo Radulovich (Accretions, 2002)
Mystery is My Story, by Chris Merz (WP, 1997)