Projected presence

The Virtual Tour concerts in April were very inspiring and well worth the long year of work we put in to make them happen. We got some nice press, and we’re now mixing and editing the recordings, with plans to release everything on DVD in the future. In the meantime, I have to share this picture of the stage in Zurich, which shows the setup that their excellent video technicians designed (each site had a different approach to the video projection and stage setup): Gerry Hemingway and Matthias Ziegler are there in-person, but Myra Melford, Nicole Mitchell, myself and Mark Dresser are being projected onto two different screens in lifesize proportions, so that we’re all on stage together as if it were a single band. With the great sound quality and minimal latency, it genuinely felt like we were making music together, and it was a thrill and an honor to play with these great musicians as well as all the other fantastic collaborators at the other two sites.